At J.M. Bryson Construction Management, we strive to make our customers happy. We wanted to share some feedback we have received from our customers. Although we have removed the last names from the writers, be assured that we will be glad to provide you with any references.

John, 06/30/2011

LOVE the pictures. LOVE my kitchen and bathroom. Thank you so much for an amazing experience and for helping us create such a beautiful space. Sometimes I can’t believe it belongs to me.


John, 07/09/02

Final payment enclosed. Job well done! A more “official” and complimentary thank you will follow when I get my thoughts together.

Good luck with the D**** kitchen job. I know you’ll live up to my reviews and raves about you!

We’d still like to talk to you about the kitchen hood fan job and other improvement job possibilities…

Thanks again,
Julie D.

John, 05/22/03

… The doors look nice and I’m enjoying the fresh air.

Jane N.

Dear John,

Thank you so much for your help on my “project.” I’ll call you as soon as I am able to start the next area.

Linda N.


Thanks again to all of you for your great work! You have a good crew working for you.
Next June 2003 we want to do the children’s bathroom – this will be easier – no changes in walls, location of toilet etc. We do need a ceiling fan. We will plan to replace doors, woodwork with cherry and do more window replacement.

In the fall, 2002, Rich would like to do all that side area off the driveway – you said he needed to mark it out for you and it needs to be reinforced. He wants to put up a nice wood shed, large to hold snowplows etc. So save some time for us – we’ll have to meet and talk- you and Rich.

Enjoy you’re summer,

John, 4/18/03

Thank you so much for your help. We’re very pleased with the quality of the workmanship.

Paul and Lorraine S.

John and Crew,

Thank you so much for a wonderful job. You guys are the best!


Hi John, 5/17/03

We have purchased 2, 4’ sections of Track Lighting and have ordered our sink. The sink will be in the first of next week. We can’t wait for the new counter tops. I hope they’ll be in soon we’re ready to go whenever you are.

Have a good day. Looking forward to seeing you soon,
Pat and Paul R.

John, 11/03/00

Thank you for taking care of the water problem.

Donna F.