Design Build Service

design build at work

At J.M. Bryson Construction Management, our concept is a unique process to discover all the possibilities of even the smallest project. Your home or business environments should suit your personal desires as well as your functional needs. Using our design-build methodology, we will help you discover just how easily these two, often contradictory, requirements can be first visualized and then created.

Your time and monetary budgets are always considered in the design-build process. Along with your goals and dreams, we can help you get the most from your remodeling investment. Whether it is your first home or just maintaining and improving its value, we can provide you with all sorts of wonderful ideas for a beautiful home you’ve always dreamed about. By listening to your ideas, needs, lifestyle and budget, we can help you determine your next step or help you make a plan for your space and offer creative solutions.

You have to agree that expert planning and implementation from the start has to be one of the most important phase’s of any project. Our design system allows the client to see their goals and dreams become a reality. This happens before their very eyes and before the project ever begins. Also our system allows the client be interactive with the design, all from the privacy of their own living room.

We bring a laptop computer, projector and tabletop screen right to your home, and set up it up in a couple of minutes. This allows us to interactivly show you what your project will look like and give you a way to visualize the proposed changes from all angles.

This system also shows you the detailed floor plans, including potential furniture placement!

Design changes on-the-fly can be made and the plan updated to show you options and new ideas.