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Communications & Trust – The Foundation of the Client/Contractor Relationship

Determining which contractor to choose can be toughest decision of any project. Trying to decide among the the recommended “get three quotes” often feels like a crap shoot. So where do you start. Well, let’s take this step by step. First, you would want to make sure that each of these companies has met the […]

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Information on Selecting a Contractor according the the Mass DPS

Recommendations for the Building Owner When Selecting a Contractor to Perform Work on an Existing Home or to Construct a New Home Before you enter into any written agreement to construct a new home or to remodel or build an addition onto an existing home Ensure that the Contractor is appropriately licensed and is a […]

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Let the dust fly!!!

Dust Protection. This is one of the first categories in every one of our proposal’s. It is something I feel very strong about and I make sure everyone on our team is well aware of how we intend to handle dust on every job. It’s been and item that is over looked by most contractors and […]

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Up to Code

In the past several years, building codes have been evolving and laws governing the practice of home building and remodeling have been put into place to help protect the consumer from unsafe and inefficient building practices. New licensing requirements have been implemented by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Board of Building Regulations and Safety (BBRS). Builders […]

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What is Design Build?

Design Build!

When I’m asked what that means, it’s never just a short simple answer.

Sometimes I will compare it with the Design / Bid / Build method of producing a project.

Both methods have been used for centuries. If you do a Google search you will find all kinds of research on the subject both in favor and against both methods of delivering a construction project. I think it all depends on what kind of experience the Design Build Professional has. It used to be called the Master Builder System.

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In the News

This section of our web site contains reprints of articles and stories that have been published about J.M. Bryson. Please click on the pages below to view the documents in PDF.

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